Mah Mei Hui

I moved to Adelaide with my 3 teenagers in 2016. At present, I am practising as a pharmacist in Adelaide. I am also the Managing Director of The Skin Pharmacy, a chain of shops specialising in skincare, in Singapore. My husband is currently based in Singapore, running our companies.

I can identify with the many ‘single’ Mums (and some Dads) who have emigrated to Adelaide while their spouses are still in Singapore. I also identify with the ‘mature’ migrants who have moved here in their mid-career and have to start all over again. And because I am also an employee and business owner, I identify with those wanting to start all over again by being an entrepreneur.

With these experiences, I hope to add diversity to the SBSA and to foster closer ties amongst its members and the wider Singaporean community.

My personal vision for the SBSA is to see it grow its membership numbers to include all Singaporeans and those with ties to Singapore. And in turn, with other committee members, I hope that the SBSA will be an association for providing support, organising integrative social activities, giving responsible advice and being the best representation of the Singaporean community in Adelaide.