Eric Teoh

Eric came to Adelaide in 2012 to pursue his tertiary education in Bachelors of Science in Forensic and Analytical Chemistry (HONS) at Flinders University, which he completed in 2015 with top honours and conferred the University Medal for academic excellence. He is currently working as a forensic toxicologist in Forensic Science SA (FSSA) with authority to conduct investigations independently as a testifying scientist in court.

He have presented results of his scientific research at international conferences and have published articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals on the topic of forensic toxicology. He is also a member of numerous scientific associations including the Forensic and Clinical Toxicology Association (FACTA); The International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (TIAFT); the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS).

He is also a professional freelance photographer, which he does on his spare time beside his professional job during the week. He specialized in low light events, such as weddings, engagement, birthday parties and so on. Outside of this paid profession, Eric enjoys engaging in nature and pursuing his passion in landscape and astrophotography, endeavouring to provide inspiration through his photographic adventures.

Having gone through difficult challenges faced as an international student being away from family for long periods of time (4 years consecutively was the longest he was away without returning to SG), he understands that there are many aspects that contributes to the struggles that goes beyond just academic studies in Australia.

He hopes that his experience can provide some assistance to the Singaporean student community in Adelaide to pursue their passions outside of academic studies through SBSA activities and functions. He also hopes that he can make a difference by being part of the team.