Moving to SA?

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Moving to SA?

As many fellow Singaporeans embark on their journey to South Australia (be it for work, migration, or studies), we thought it will be nice to share some information to cover some of the usual concerns for new comers.  We have therefore come with a list of Q&As to help answer some of the common questions you may have w.r.t. the move to South Australia.  

Kindly note that the Q&As are based on information we solicit from the internet , advices from professional volunteers in these areas, and personal experiences of Singaporeans living in South Australia.  They are by no means "COMPLETE" and "THE" only answers as some existing members here may have a better answer for it.  The aim is to hopefully provide new comers a certain level of  indication and direction for questions you may have.  

If you have further questions or better answers, do feel free to drop us a mail at and we will try our best to get them addressed, and also expand the list of Q&A below.  And if you are sending us your questions, we appreciate your patience in getting responses from our group of volunteers who are doing this for the benefit of the community.  As much as they will try their very best to respond to your questions, or refer you to the right authority or experts, the process will take some time and do bear with us if it took longer than expected.


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Make a living

Buying or renting

Educating Needs