Membership Categories and Fees

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Membership Categories and Fees

Corporate Member ($100/year)

Any incorporated or unincorporated body that has a reasonably significant commercial interest in Singapore shall be eligible to apply for a Corporate Membership. A Corporate Member shall be entitled to appoint one person to become their authorised representative.

Individual Member ($20/year)

Any individual person aged 18 years and above who has lived, studied or worked in, or has had or has close links with Singapore, shall be eligible to apply for an Individual Membership.

Student/Pensioner Member ($10/year)

Any persons aged 18 years and above and residing in South Australia who is a student or receiving a pension shall be eligible to apply for a Student or Pensioner Membership.

Associate Member ($20/year)

Any individual who has not lived, studied, or worked in, or has had close links with Singapore.

Affiliate Member ($50/year)

Any organisation approved by the Committee who wishes to be an affiliate of the Association.

Life Member

Any individual member or pensioner member who has paid in advance, a once-off subscription fee amount equal to 10 year’s subscription fee based on the relevant category of membership.


Kindly note that validity of membership is from the date of registration, to the end of that financial year (30th of June).  In the event where registration is near to the renewal date, it will be in the discretion of the committee to consider carrying it over to the following financial year and members will be informed upon confirmation of the application.