Lunch with us (Strictly for SBSA members registration)

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Lunch with us (Strictly for SBSA members registration)

In conjunction with the 2019 Singapore Business and Social Association (SA) Inc. AGM, we would like to also invite our members to join us for lunch after the AGM at our “Lunch with us” event. The programme of the day and the menu of “Lunch with us” can be found in the 2 slides attached below.
The event serves for members to have lunch and mingle with fellow members and friends of the association and also a follow up to those who may have missed the SG Bazaar. We have therefore invited 2 of our vendors at the Bazaar to bring back some of their dishes for the enjoyment of our members and friends.  To avoid running short of food and be fair to the vendors (avoid leftovers), we have arranged that all food will be pre-ordered prior to the event and paid online through the form below.  
There will only be 120 seats available for registration due to the hall limitation. All registrations are based on first-come-first-serve, with the exception that paid members for FY2019/20 gets priority in making a booking and also a special discount of $4 per set (up to 4 sets per order and not including side orders/takeaways) off the published price.  Due to the discounted price, we would appreciate that you order only 4 sets but you can order as many sides or takeaways as the system allows.
Please refrain from forwarding this link to non-members since registration for the public will only open from Friday (20th September), if there are leftover seats available.  Do place your order ASAP to avoid disappointment.  We look forward to seeing you at the AGM and the lunch.  Thank you!

DO NOT proceed to fill in the form below if you are not a paid member of SBSA for FY2019/20.

Note that in the unfortunate event if membership status is invalid, SBSA(SA) Inc. reserves the rights to demand for the difference in payment before the event by email.  In such circumstances, failure to make the difference payment by the event day may result in the cancellation of the order and prior payment will be refunded after the event, less the Credit/Debit card charges.

Due to some unforeseen reasons, we have decided to cancel the event.  We are in the process of making full refunds to registrants.  Do drop us a mail at if you need further clarifications.  Thank you for your kind understanding.