Cost of living

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Cost of living

What is the cost of living like in Adelaide?

This is a very subjective question and it varies depending on the living standards and lifestyle that each individual is looking for (such as type of housing, cooking or eating out, and etc.). would be able to provide you an idea of the cost of living in general.  However, these are general price guidelines and we will also share what you can look out for, if you are looking at lowering your living expenses.

As for students, provides a rough estimate of the cost of studying in Adelaide, other than the fees.

The prices of groceries in general seems to be more expensive.  How can I save on groceries?

The price listed on the comparison is the average selling price of daily necessities.  However, one can always look our for discounted items in supermarkets.  Most of the major supermarkets (Coles, Woolworths, Foodland, etc) have their own promotions on a weekly basis and starts every Wednesday.  Items can go as low as half price and you may want to look out for them.  

There is also a german supermarket (Aldi) selling house brand staple food at reasonably good price around Adelaide.  On top of that, you may want to consider joining membership with one of the US Mega mart (Costco) and purchase in bulk if you have a big family to feed.

Why is the price of vegetables and fruits differing quite substantially round the year?

There are seasons for vegetables and fruits due to the 4 seasons and weather changes, unlike in SGP where we import most of them from all over the place round the year.  As such, the price for certain vegetables and fruits can vary quite drastically when in season and not.  It may be good to eat with the season and consuming more seasonal vegetables and fruits rather than going against the season where they will have to be imported.

There are also plenty of weekend farmers markets around Adelaide that offers vegetables and fruits at more affordable prices, usually sold directly by the farmers themselves.  One of the biggest being Gepps Cross Market that operates on Sunday mornings round the year.  Entrance fees applies, but you will find the trip worthwhile.  

Is it expensive to eat out?

Eating out is definitely going to be more expensive than in Singapore as there is no hawker centres and food courts are largely found only at shopping malls and Chinatown.  The cost for eating out in average falls in the range of $12 to $18 per meal at most eateries and may be more expensive in restaurants.  The high cost is partially contributed by the wages as there is a minimal wage requirement in Australia where businesses are expected to adopt.

What are the modes of public transport around Adelaide?  And what are the charges?

Adelaide has a wide range of transportation modes, including buses, o-bahns, trams and trains.  Generally, buses are the most common mode of transporting around Adelaide if you don't drive.  However, there is a tram line that commutes between the city to Glenelg, trains that brings you up North and down South, and o-bahn that brings you to the North-Eastern suburbs.  

You will be able to find information on the best way to commute around at  and having a Metrocard would help in reducing the cost per travel and they can be bought in most of the news agencies.  Fares for travelling on the public transport can be found here.  

How much does a car cost, and the cost of maintaining one?

Car ownership in general are cheaper as compared to Singapore.  You may want to consider first whether you would like to buy a 2nd hand, or new car.  Showrooms and dealerships can be found across Adelaide, but you may want to consider doing some research the car selling sites like or before heading down to the showrooms.

Service SA website provides you with all the information you will need on vehicle registration, license conversion, insurance requirements, and fees involved for car ownership.  As for car maintenance, it can vary depending on whether you send it back to the dealership or not.  Most dealerships also offer capped price servicing, where they will indicate the price for each servicing when you purchase a new vehicle.  Alternatively, there are lots of workshops around that does general servicing but prices are generally more expensive than in Singapore due to higher labour cost.

Petrol prices are generally lower as well, and varies week-to-week between 110c to 140c (as of Feb 2019).  You can monitor the prices through Petrol Spy or download the app onto you phone.