Buying or renting

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Buying or renting

Should I consider buying since paying rent is dead money?

Sure, but it would be advisable to rent for a start since you may not be familiar with the suburb that you are looking at.  Once you lived in the suburb for sometime and getting familiar with the surround ones, you will probably be able to make a more informed decision.  If you are looking at buying soon, try discussing with the landlord to see if you can take up a shorter rental term (in most cases it will be a year).  In the worse situation, you may have to break your lease when you are ready to purchase.

What is the median rental price in Adelaide?

Rental prices can vary largely based on the suburbs that you are looking for, the type of property you are after, the age of the property, amenities around the vicinity and many more (including school zones).  It will be advantageous to refer to or to have an idea of the listings and prices for the area that you are looking for.

Which suburb does Singaporeans tend to live?

There isn't a particular suburb where you will find Singaporeans congregating.  For reference purposes, see census data for Singaporean-born residents in South Australia consolidated from the figures published in the .idcommunity website. (Click on the attachment to enlarge)


Which suburbs are good and which to avoid?

Every suburb has their own pros and cons, be it safety, affordability, proximity to good schools, and etc.  It would be advantageous to make a trip to the suburbs in the day and at night to have a look at the surrounding and determine which suits you.  Access to amenities and good schools (for families with school-going child) can greatly affect the rental price.

Apartment?  Or House?

There is no definite answer and again, we would think it very much depends on your lifestyle and needs.  Came across this article for your reference.

How do I go about renting a property I saw listed online?

Renting involves a series of procedures that you will have to follow.  Once you have found a property that you are interested, contact the property manager for dates on the open house.  Attending an inspection is crucial, otherwise get someone to attend on your behalf if you're not available.  In the event if the property fit what you're looking for, submit your interest to the property manager and await the decision from the landlord.  When accepted, lease agreement will be signed with a bond of 6 weeks rental to be put up.

More information can be found here.  You can also find advices on renting from the local SA Consumer and Business website.


What does it take to break a lease?

Breaking lease is not something that is too worrying, kindly refer to the link for information about what it means to breaking lease.  Few things that you may want to take note of to avoid stress of worrying about paying rent till the next tenant takes up the rental:

  •   Inform the property manager as soon as your intentions are clear
  •   Work around your time to accommodate for open-houses
  •   Follow up with the property manager to ensure it has been followed up with