S c r o l l D o w n


The Singapore Business and Social Association is the only existing formally registered and membership-based organisation representing the interests of Singaporeans in South Australia.

It was formed by Singaporeans living in South Australia for the principal purpose of supporting the Singaporean community in South Australia and promoting, encouraging and maintaining links between Singapore and Australia.

The Association welcomes membership of the association from any person, including non-Singaporeans and businesses, that are interested in participating in its activities.

The main objectives of the Association are:

    • promoting and encouraging social and commercial interactions between ExSingaporeans, Australians, and Singaporeans;

    • promoting the wellbeing and interests of Ex-Singaporeans and Singaporeans in South Australia;

    • providing Members with opportunities to meet and interact with each other;

    • assisting newly arrived Singaporean immigrants and students with adapting and integrating in South Australia;

    • promoting friendship, goodwill, and understanding between business communities in Australia and Singapore;

    • promoting and encouraging trade, investment, technical and economic co-operation and tourism between Australia and Singapore; and

    • maintaining, promoting, and extending industrial and commercial relations between individuals, firms, companies, corporations, institutions, and associations in Australia and Singapore.